Anna Smith

Social Work Intern

Anna Smith is one of the newest additions to our staff, but already has a clear direction and vision for her time with patients at Therapeutic Solutions. Her passion is to support individuals as they go through the most challenging times of their lives, providing a safe environment to grow. As patients progress, she enjoys watching them enjoy life more fully as their outlook and understanding becomes healthier.

Her greatest asset, for both patients and colleagues, is her ability to empathize and compassionately support those around her. Therapy is collaborative in nature, and good collaboration requires deep empathy. Anna’s ability to understand individuals on a profound level allows her to truly come alongside her patients and guide them towards personal development.

She describes her style of patient interaction as centered on equality and goal-setting. One priority for Anna is to validate the experiences of her patients. Often, people are encouraged to invalidate or reduce their own experiences as unimportant, but growth requires the opposite. No matter the type or level of diagnosis, one of the crucial elements of growth is validation. By encouraging patients to validate their own experiences, Anna helps patients lay the foundation for powerful change. In her spare time, Anna enjoys creating art, particularly with paper mache.