Anna Wheeler

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

The foundation of the therapeutic journey is the belief that change is possible. Anna Wheeler is devoted to ensuring her patients believe this wholeheartedly. The hope for change is what drives her patients to continue progressing and growing, no matter the kind or intensity of their diagnosis.

She facilitates patient growth through empathetic listening, providing a safe environment in which to speak openly and honestly. Frank dialogue allows her to create concrete plans with her patients, which is a crucial part of achieving progress.

To Anna, the most compelling part of her work at Therapeutic Solutions is the privilege of watching her patients improve their own outlooks. Their growing relief and confidence is a pleasure to witness, and Anna genuinely enjoys sharing the experience. In her work as a therapist, she is also a firsthand witness of the experiences that tie people together, and understanding those connective experiences is another compelling part of the job.

The final goal of Anna’s work is to help create bridges of communications within families and relationships. She wants to guide those who truly want to create change in their lives, helping them understand themselves on a deeper and healthier level. Essentially, Anna Wheeler works to give her patients hope.