Charlee Ganzer

Associate Social Worker

With over 14 years of working with youth and families, Charlee Ganzer is a major part of her patients’ lives as they seek health and clarity. Her background is in medical social work, and she has also spent several years working with youths for non-profits and schools.

Her philosophy regarding care is that each person is made of many parts that require attention—both body and mind. She describes her patient interaction style as “solution-focused,” but the solutions are as holistic and unique as each of her patients.

Charlee’s primary goal for her patients is to develop a sense of community. Community is often what helps patients maintain a grounded sense of self while providing a richer, more fulfilling life. Community also engenders commitment, which can help drive patients further towards positive outcomes.

Charlee earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work from California State University, Chico. She also attended CSU San Francisco to earn her credential in Pupil Personnel Services. In her spare time, Charlee spends time outdoors. She feels that she is at her best when she is outdoors, regardless of the activity. She enjoys riding her bike, hiking in the local wilderness, and gardening. In addition, she is an avid reader and traveler, adventuring both mentally and physically.