Tessa Mahan


Tessa oversees the clinical programs offered at Therapeutic Solutions, and she is particularly passionate about working with her team of impressive and excellent colleagues. Tessa earned a Master of Science in Psychology in the Marriage & Family Therapy Program, as well as a Bachelor Arts in Recreations & Park Management with an option in Therapeutic Recreation from CSU, Chico. In her time as a therapist, she has worked with thousands of patients over the years in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Tessa understands just how important it is for her patients to achieve a deep level of trust and understanding, as that is the only way she will be able to fulfill her role as an effective therapeutic source. This is why she truly enjoys working with people, helping them reach their personal goals, and seeing them lead a life of success following their time with her. Since her patients so often desire sincere change in their life, Tessa is truly thrilled to give their patients the ability to take on the challenge of controlling their own destiny.

Tessa believes the role of a therapist is a trusted consultant, one who is able to positively collaborate with his or her client, for the betterment of that very client. She also is of the belief that true expertise is rooted within the person who seeks the help they deserve, which is why Tessa is so committed to giving her clients unconditional positivity, empathy, and respect. These qualities, coupled with a sincere enthusiasm, compassion, and a belief in the ability of her clients to change for the better, make Tessa an incredible therapist for those lucky enough to know her.

One of the most critical aspects of Tessa’s life is community outreach and involvement. This is why she works with programs to support senior citizens, as well as those which focus on mental health awareness. In her spare time, Tessa loves to ride her bike, compete in triathlons, garden, and spend time outdoors.