Our Clinical Team Behavioral Health Services in Northern California

Dan Katz

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As one of our most experienced social workers, Dan Katz has helped thousands of patients in a variety of different cases. His practice has included foster care, adoptions, substance abuse, home health, and behavioral health crisis treatment. He has a particular focus in child welfare and has helped place 350 children into adoptive homes. He has been a practicing social worker for over 40 years and joined the team at Therapeutic Solutions in 2014.

Dan is passionate about his work, as he understands that helping patients achieve mental health and wholeness is one of the most powerful acts of service a person can be offered. In his words, he seeks to “save the world…one family at a time.” He accomplishes this through a practice that focuses on helping patients learn respect for their self-worth. He aims to help each person he works with approach life confidently, armed with practical skills and hope for the future.

Dan has a special passion for patients who struggle with suicide and self-harm, as well as those with long-term depression. These particular patients align with Dan’s goals, as these issues directly deal with feelings of self-worth and hope. Dan fully believes in his patients, and hopes to pass that faith onto them.