Our Clinical Team Behavioral Health Services in Northern California

James Wilkerson


James finds that having the potential to have a positive and lasting impact on patients to be the most compelling aspect of his job. He enjoys the opportunity his patients give him to help make a difference in their lives. He also enjoys witnessing clients’ transformation from when they first came to Therapeutic Solutions.

James believes that people can overcome adversity and persevere in the face of struggles and challenges. He aims to show kindness and respect to his clients, allowing them to tell their own story so that they can form a therapeutic alliance based on trust and understanding. James also likes to use humor appropriately to help clients relax and open up more. His goal is to give patients the coping skills they need to affect lasting change and success.

James is involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Greenpeace, Human Rights Campaign, and many local charities. These include Butte Environmental Council, Blue Room Theater, and Chico Theater Company, among others.

In his free time, he can be found spending time in nature, listening to music, acting, playing bass guitar, and hanging out with his spouse and dog.