Our Medical Team Behavioral Health Services in Northern California

Ethan Ittner


Over the years, Ethan has helped thousands of patients struggling with various conditions. He finds the challenges in his job extremely compelling and always seeks to provide interpersonal support to his patients. Ethan aims to give his patients guidance on their path to good mental health and instill hope in their future.

When patients come to Ethan, they get a kind, patient listener who sees through façades and works closely with them to overcome their obstacles. He believes mental health care is a team approach, which includes the patient getting a seat at the decision-making table.

Ethan finds it a pleasure to practice psychiatry. He loves that it is always challenging and never boring to him. He believes his purpose as a guide who is there to help people towards a mental health state that aligns with their ultimate goals. He values creating connections with patients and helping them find a purpose even when life can seem purposeless.

Ethan approaches problems from an internal view of working with his outlook and an external approach of medicines, providing multifaceted care.