Our Medical Team Behavioral Health Services in Northern California

Dr. Karim Lotfy

A good doctor recognizes health as a combination of several factors working together, and good doctors treat each patient with that in mind. Dr. Karim Lotfy is a good doctor. For his work, mental illness is not caused by any one factor but is a disruption of the balance between the brain, mind, and body. These disruptions can be a combination of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. Mental illness is complex, but Dr. Lotfy approaches each patient with the respect they deserve, both personally and medically.

His style of treatment revolves around the empathy that patients require, while providing them with high-quality medical care to alleviate their symptoms. Dr. Lotfy’s care is also educational in nature—his goal is to make each patient aware of the source of their struggles, so the patient can partner with his or her team for effective recovery.

While Dr. Karim can provide effective solutions for any psychological diagnosis, he has a particular passion for serving people with mood and anxiety disorders, substances abuse disorders, and neuro-cognitive disorders. Their challenging nature, both for the individual and medical professionals, makes the recovery even more rewarding. In his spare time, Dr. Karim enjoys listening to music and spending time in the outdoors.